[FoRK] Microsoft damage control spending flood?

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Tue Oct 29 15:27:49 PDT 2013

Since recent Apple announcements, including free OS/office apps and 
details on new hardware, there have been conspicuous "Apple is 
horrible", "Apple is unacceptable to business because..", "Apple is 
really doomed now" articles.  The articles in praise of Apple are all 
different have sometimes creative takes while the anti-Microsoft 
articles sound like Microsoft talking points to me.  As I think I saw in 
past eras (back when no tech journal would acknowledge that gcc existed 
when comparing compilers even though all of us were using it), it 
appears that Microsoft is in a spending spree of damage control.  This 
time, it seems glaringly obvious who seem to be at least very friendly 
to Microsoft.

As I've said before, Microsoft enjoys their operating system share at 
Apple's pleasure.  I wonder at what penetration point of Android / 
ChromeOS / Ubuntu / Firefox that Apple will support non-Apple hardware 
via OSXL (MacOSX Linux Edition).  I claim OSXL as an operating system 

In the case below, they are pointing to a slight decrease in Apple 
desktop hardware sales.  It seems obvious that everyone who didn't have 
to purchase was waiting for new hardware to be released, for well over a 
year in many cases.  We'll see what happens when the laptops and the Mac 
Pro are available.  I am planning to buy at least a high end laptop and 
as high end Mac Pro as I can when they are available...



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