[FoRK] Seagate Kinetic Open Storage Vision

Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Wed Oct 30 23:25:54 PDT 2013

Nifty.  Done right, this is potentially awesome.  Long overdue, but only the drive companies can hack in extra features on those 
controller boards.  Now, powerful ARM processors are essentially free to add to any design.  But when will it be available?

Riak and Swift are cool.  Cassandra and HBase would be extremely interesting.  Titan can use either as a backend.  Couchbase has one 
of the best stories for mobile apps, so that might be good too.


See how a new device-based platform and API developer tools meet the needs of today's storage infrastructures. The Seagate® Kinetic 
Open Storage platform is a new class of key/value Ethernet drives plus developers tools and APIs for software-defined, 
object-oriented, scale-out approaches to data center architecture.

Furthermore, many long-desired capabilities of hard disk drives are now possible. For example:

     Data Sharing---Data sharing between drives has actually been very difficult. With Kinetic Storage APIs, data can be easily 
shared between applications from multiple sources. One application can write a key and value to a drive, while another has the 
ability to read the data.
     Drive-to-Drive Data Transit---Traditionally, moving data from one drive to another required routing it through expensive 
storage servers. With Kinetic Storage APIs, data can now be moved directly between drives with peer-to-peer data copy commands where 
ranges of keys can be moved between drives.
     Data Integrity---Unfortunately, silent data corruption is a fact of life. With Kinetic Storage, data can be stored with 
comprehensive end-to-end integrity checks that ensure the data was received at the drive correctly, allowing the drive and the 
ultimate recipient to be able to guarantee that the data is still correct.
The security of storage services within the cloud data center is a difficult task. The interface library supports:

     Authentication---A full cryptographic authentication of servers that have access permission to the drive
     Integrity---Full integrity check of the command and the data
     Authorization---A clear set of roles by server as to what the application is allowed to do. Typical roles are read, read/write, 
management of the drive and management of the security in the drive.
     Transport Layer Security(TLS)---For the security of very sensitive data and/or management commands, a full industry-standard 
TLS suite is also provided.


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