[FoRK] Sounds familiar: Apple receives patent on refocusing images after they're captured

Ken Meltsner meltsner at alum.mit.edu
Tue Nov 26 12:05:47 PST 2013


"... On to hope for the blurry. Apple reportedly has been awarded a patent
for a system that refocuses an image after a picture is taken. The
technology is similar to that found in the Lytro, and
that the patent cites the light-field camera created by a Stanford
graduate as prior art. Also notable: The system could be included in
portable devices, such as an iPhone, and could be used as an add-on
accessory for any camera. ..."

Would have thought the existence of Lytro et al. would have been enough to
disqualify this patent, but cannot say without actually bothering to read
the specific claims.

Ken Meltsner
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