[FoRK] Children and digital/computer medium

Bill Kearney wkearney99 at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 6 06:20:10 PST 2013

I've no specific details.  But consider exposure to mouse & keyboard has 
merit in that they'll need to use that in school.  So I'd lean more toward 
using a traditional desktop setup over a tablet for at least some portion of 
the time.

Meanwhile the new Xbox One is providing a fair bit of entertainment and 
exercise with the Just Dance game.  Although, hearing the 5 year old repeat 
the lyrics to a few of the songs is a bit worrisome...  The Forza driving 
game is well beyond their ability and the Lego game does not have easy 
enough ways to pause/resume (forcing use of 'save stations').  This poses 
issues with ending game time.  Which is too bad, but time's up anyway.  The 
latest Windows kid safety features do a decent job of managing curfews, 
daily usage limits and filtering of both programs and web access. 
Unfortunately those features haven't made it over to the Xbox, yet.

-Bill Kearney

-----Original Message----- 
However, when I look at the road ahead, I am vexed by questions to which I
have no answers, questions like:

- what is the max screen time that is actually OK?
- is it OK to reduce this to zero (assuming my angels do not scream her
head off)
- what is the good age to expose them to a computer?
- what is a good age to explain concepts about computing?
- Is TV better or iPad better for allocated screen time:
big-screen/small-screen vs. sedative/involved balance
and many more.

Does any of you know of good books/research/theories in this area? I would
appreciate any pointers.

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