[FoRK] Children and digital/computer medium

Saigua at sbcglobal.net Saigua at sbcglobal.net
Sun Dec 8 22:22:59 PST 2013

DC> The long summer school vacation when I was 12, I played Amiga games
> for days on end. Was great! Getting to high levels I never got to
> before, especially on Civ :)

Sure, but the (Sega) Genesis Collection on one disc running emu on the  
DreamCast has sharp pixel edges. Pretty sure the debug room codes don't  
mean a heck of a lot per se until age 7.

> But the educational needs of preliterate kids is different....

What's this reading stuff? They have $wget attachment parenting. (It was  
wget nurse, right? That was what...oh.)

Just in time to get the polyglot daycare express and shutdown the  
premature optimization of the Unreliable Chatterboxen. Stacked chips and  
phase-change DDR3 are here, but they look oddly less implantable with more  
sessile tissue at hand. Then again, what good will a 6 y.o. with excellent  
fingernail hygiene (because JTAG probes thereabouts then work better) if  
the ARM M3+ (M7+ or a cooler A by then?) embedded with 8GiB spin ddr to  
roll a few tendon placements is insufficient?

Obvious solution to overtime with 2D (besides Jony Ive Offline Week at a  
Design Museum:) Have kitchen fondleslabs and bury them if they touch the  
ground. No reason. 2011 Waterproof model, don't fail me now. Kevin Kelly  
has some quantified self pediatric log on offer, I'm sure.

Circuit bending the LeapPad (and the Twist series) calls out; certainly  
there are varied introductions to using the entire glyph sets available.  
(What to expect when you're regexp...)

Children and text; why compress RDP? Let them understand French through  
XSLT. (Sorry, no idea what I should be citing as a first comer, though  
Chew Blue Goo is in Fox X Socks....)

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