[FoRK] Ayn Rand-loving CEO destroys his empire

Gregory Alan Bolcer greg at bolcer.org
Mon Dec 16 06:41:00 PST 2013

It's funny.  I'm not a Rand nor anti-Rand anything.  I'm familiar with 
the popularity of the books, but have never read any of them, seen the 
movies, nor really engaged in any discussion about them more than a few 
words.  I understand the concept of wealth creators. Hell, I even know 
who Harrison Bergeron is. From my simple reading, it seems both the Rand 
and anti-Rand crowds both see the world as zero-sum.


On 12/16/2013 6:32 AM, Bill Kearney wrote:
> Agreed.  It's the whole "blame in on Rand" nonsense that's ridiculous.
> While her fiction has it's issues, it certainly doesn't deserve the
> association with this idiot's screw-ups.

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