[FoRK] "Golden Girls" architectures

Dave Long dave.long at bluewin.ch
Sun Jan 12 04:16:41 PST 2014

"[FoRK] parallelism Re: Welcome to the era of radical innovation"
> I'm starting to think the root of the problem may be the original  
> von Neumann architecture, which was designed to impose serial  
> programming on inherently parallel electronic circuits.
> I've been fantasizing about what it would be like to program a  
> "Golden Girls*" architecture? ...

You may recall that Alain Martin (along with many others!) was  
working on this sort of thing two decades ago, and two decades before  
that EWD had similar fantasies:

"[FoRK] not quite the future from Sleeper"
> With the advent of what is called "large scale integration" ...  it  
> seems to become technically feasible to build machines more like  
> "clouds of arithmetic units" with information processing activities  
> going on simultaneously all over the place, for shorter periods of  
> time even independently of each other ...

Going back another eight decades, a quick flip through Lueger,  
"Lexikon der Gesamten Technik" reveals that even in the year 46 BT,  
certain people ("Webereiingenieur") went to a great deal of effort to  
increase the number of picks per second per operator, or, failing  
that, at least to pack more threads in a warp ...


(note that John D. Rockefeller acquired most of his fortune because  
of making a big early bet that oil would *not* be discovered outside  
of Pennsylvania.  of course, it eventually was, but much later than  
everybody else had predicted...)

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