[FoRK] Dunning-Kruger effect discriminatory environs

Sean Conner sean at conman.org
Fri Feb 28 14:48:14 PST 2014

It was thus said that the Great Stephen D. Williams once stated:
> OSX is just a stable-for-apps desktop OS version of Ubuntu Linux for me.
> Apple should loosen the controls on OSX and go after PCs too, as I've said. 
> In the meantime, I just make OSX and Linux equivalent for most purposes.  
> Develop on OSX, test/deploy on Linux, and everything's great.

  Apple is a hardware company that just happens to make software for their

  Back in the 90s (during the time that Jobs wasn't heading Apple), Apple
did license their OS to third party computer manufactorers and it ate into
Apple's bottom line (why pay the Apple premium when you can get it cheaper
elsewhere and *still* have the same usability?).  


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