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Gregory Alan Bolcer greg at bolcer.org
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Or it's Nividia GRID (and GaaS supported by PC-to-shield).


On 3/1/2014 4:27 PM, Kevin Marks wrote:
> The modern equivalent of vacancies is HTML5. With SVG, canvas, and WebGL
> for more specialised displays. Using video codecs for this is bonkers.
> Doesn't stop people from trying every so often, but it always fails.
> On 1 Mar 2014 14:13, "Dave Long" <dave.long at bluewin.ch> wrote:
>> It seems more likely that the front-ends will remain limited and dreadful,
>>> because it fits a lot of future form factors better, and become dumber as
>>> more of the application heavy lifting is done on the server. The
>>> application will increasingly just steer the server, turning every
>>> application into an interactive video stream.
>> So what's the modern equivalent of VNC?  They had made a provision for
>> applications to run in this manner, without any original UI on an physical
>> windowing system, just a direct RFB stream. I remember being surprised
>> (they having started, IIRC, in the post-web environment) that there was no
>> provision made for an application to provide the equivalent of an HREF,
>> redirecting to another (part of the same?) application.
>> -Dave
>> (for those of you who remember 3270's: HTTP://WWW.COBOLONCOGS.ORG/
>> INDEX.HTM ; check out the (we won't mention cathode, will we?) phosphor
>> burn!
>> the wheel in the sky keeps on turnin'
>> cf On the Design of Display Processors T.H. Myer, I. E. Sutherland;
>> Communications of the ACM, Vol 11, No. 6, June 1968
>> http://cva.stanford.edu/classes/cs99s/papers/myer-
>> sutherland-design-of-display-processors.pdf )
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