[FoRK] Spiral Dynamics and the Next Generation Economic System

Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Thu Apr 17 15:41:29 PDT 2014

An interesting framework.  Is there a better / more complete / more 
evolved alternative?
And who is a "spiral wizard"?


Some interesting diagrams / links on a google of spiral dynamics, 
including "integral learning":

A few interesting comments below.

> by Bongo <http://slashdot.org/%7EBongo> (13261) 
> <http://slashdot.org/%7EBongo> on Wednesday April 16, 2014 @05:54AM 
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> <http://politics.slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=5039229&cid=46765299>) 
> There is a theory, used in South Africa to help ease the transition 
> away from Apartheid, called Spiral Dynamics. It models human 
> development as going through about 6 worldwiews, each with their own 
> sense of morality/justice/values. It spans history, so the first 
> worldview is of a hunter gatherer. The most recent worldview is of an 
> educated Western post-modern cultural relative intellectual interested 
> in minority rights and the environment. Anyway, between those two 
> worldviews you have the view of warlords, then the view of 
> religious-empire-order, and then the view of individualistic 
> achievement/playing to win in a competitive world individualism. That 
> last one by the way was the start of modernity and freedom in the 
> French revolution sense of the word, it recognises that EVERY human is 
> equal and has their won brain and is an equal player and should not be 
> oppressed by religious-empire-orders (Communism is similar in that it 
> is also a single empire order which oppresses individual freedom and 
> ingenuity).
> OK so, this relates to politics because the politicians do, as you 
> say, simply have to FRAME a proposal in language which RESONATES with 
> the worldview of the people being targeted. The point is that when you 
> are born, you are basically at the hunter-gatherer level. Culturally 
> and intellectually and morally you then grow up and somewhere along 
> the way, tend to stop or focus on one of the worldview levels. If you 
> are currently living in a Nigerian bad land, you're probably hovering 
> around warlordism. That's fine, that's just the most appropriate 
> adaption to your environment. A pomo sensitive type will merely become 
> a target in that environment. So whatever level people are at, that's 
> just the best they can manage. Anyway, Spiral Dynamics might not be 
> 100% true, but it is a useful distilling of some of the major differences.
> So yes, the tradition-valuing, we are one nation, one flag, NCIS TV 
> show committed marine of honour and purpose, holy order type worldview 
> is about half of America, I forget the exact percentage they estimate, 
> and so anything that speaks about being a responsible individual who 
> self-sacrifices their own selfish needs for the sake of serving the 
> lager community, any issue framed in that way, will gain a lot of 
> voter approval. People like W. Bush, Al Gore, and Hilary Clinton know 
> all about Spiral Dynamics and such theories (various institutes and 
> advisors etc.) and it is anybody's guess how much they are using them.

by alexhs <http://slashdot.org/%7Ealexhs> (877055) 
<http://slashdot.org/%7Ealexhs> on Wednesday April 16, 2014 @02:38PM 
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> The problem is people vote for tax cuts for the rich because they 
> think they will be rich one day.
> "Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves 
> not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed 
> millionaires."
> -- John Steinbeck
> Not only the USA, apparently...

by coastwalker <http://slashdot.org/%7Ecoastwalker> (307620) 
<http://slashdot.org/%7Ecoastwalker> <acoastwalker.hotmail at com 
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> American politics from outside seems framed in the terms of what 
> politicians are doing about forcing your own world view on other 
> people who do not hold that world view. In other words politics is 
> framed as a religious war on unbelievers. In this way it is no 
> different to the Iranian theocracy for example.

by i kan reed <http://slashdot.org/%7Ei+kan+reed> (749298) 
<http://slashdot.org/%7Ei+kan+reed> on Wednesday April 16, 2014 @09:44AM 
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> And that's not really all that accurate. "From the outside" it becomes 
> trivial to ignore enough elements to make another country's problems 
> seem trivial and one dimensional. This is *exactly* where the USA's 
> predilection for invading countries comes from. In reality, political 
> dogmas drive only a portion(a largish one though it may be) of our 
> broken political process.
> Other parts come from:
> *Still simmering racial prejudices
> *Gerrymandering, safe districts, winner-take-all elections, and pandering
> *A healthy dose of education issues
> *Unfounded nationalistic pride
> *Really really /really/ bizarre takes on Christianity
> *Our media's obsession with short-term ratings
> *Money in politics
> *Lots more than that
> And I'd say at *best* the first one is the only one showing much signs 
> of improvement over the past 20 years, and that got rubbed really the 
> wrong way when Obama got elected too.



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