[FoRK] Retracting retractions

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Sat Jul 5 15:21:17 PDT 2014

Without substantial further comment I reassert my previous position.


Just to catalog (some of) my previously-expressed conjectures -wrt- and following from this:

1.  There are no such things as non-finitely describable infinite strings.
2.  The non-constructive generalization of LEM is "incorrect."
3.  GCH and its consequents are flawed.
4.  Non-discrete theories may yield useful approximations but have no physical reality.
5.  Theories with non-finite terms, same as above.
6.  Martin-Löf type theory (and HM etc) yields contradictions.*
7.  P = NP is provably true.
8.  Either:  the topology of the universe includes closed time-like curves....
9.  Or:  The universe is a simulation.  (Or both.)



* need lattices, not towers of type / type class / kind etc.  MOP and grounding through self-reference also yield contradictions.  A better type theory would an exhaustive but mutually recursive pair of accounts, one at least with measure.

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