[FoRK] AGI: Reasoning with Scenes and Scripts - Unifying Computer Vision with Statistical AI, Planning and Language

fraber at fraber.de fraber at fraber.de
Wed Dec 3 13:36:32 PST 2014


There is a discussion going on with Ben Goertzl,
a prominent Artificicial General Intelligence

The idea is to introduce two new concepts that
resemble brain phenomena (mental image and mental
video clip), but that can allow to apply AI
algorithms in order to implement reasoning:

"Scene": Example: Person sitting on a table.
Represent a real world scene or a mental image
as a 3D "screen graph" (known from gaming).
An abstraction process converts a scene into a
"frame" with the object information.

"Script": Example: Person walks to fridge.
Represents a sequence of scenes (video clip) or
a "micronarrative". Scripts act as production
rules for scenes.

A HGN (Hierarchical Goal Network) planner allows
to join multiple scripts together in order
to form larger scripts, effectively implementing
temporal/spacial planning.
Example: Go to fridge, Take out beer, Go back.
Complex scenes could represent mathematical
formula on paper, so that you can apply scene
based reasoning to solve calculus problems.

By looking at the world based on a large training
set of video data (cameras on the foreheads of
some children...), you can define probabilistic
semantics for the planner, language subsystem
and other elements.

Nothing is really new, but everything is a bit
different and everything is now statistical so
you can plug in deep learning, decision trees and
other fashionable statistic AI that works.


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