[FoRK] That's a bunch of Malarkey

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> might we resolve to just pity each other and let it go at that?

Which would be somewhat easier to do without the insulting tag line 

Who to thank?  Perhaps yourself, valuing yourself instead of depending upon 
some twisted sense of paternalistic approval as the only means of 

I survived being raised RC and attending catholic school.  My single most 
favorite episode from school was inquiring of a nun (when faced with the 
forced-march to A.M. Wednesday Mass) where specifically would we find Jesus 
using the words "Holy Days of Obligation".  Then, as had happened many times 
before (and subsequently after) I was met with "Mr. Kearney, I'll see you 
after class."   I'm quite grateful. way back when, a Jew decided to stick 
his neck out and suggest better means to coexist.   But the rest of the 
claptrap is just nonsense.

Are the masses too stupid to develop a strong enough sense of self to "do 
the right thing" without the threats posed by 'religion'?  Clearly that 
seems to be the situation.


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As ever, so very much more rhetorical thrashing is required to
self-justify a position of atheism than theism.  Nevertheless,
might we resolve to just pity each other and let it go at that?


"The worst moment for the atheist is when he is really thankful and
has no one to thank."  -- G.K. Chesterton

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