[FoRK] New Benefits of Marriage Study Actually Hints at the Horrors of Middle Age

Gregory Alan Bolcer greg at bolcer.org
Fri Jan 23 07:43:35 PST 2015

It's salary capped.  In fact, there's a negative spot on the tax curve 
where if your family made slightly more than $125k or $133k combined 
household income, the number of things that are considered tax 
incentives become perverse and there's a strange little loop on the tax 
income between $1 below that threshold and tens of thousands of dollars 
more where it doesn't matter anymore.   What a complicated weave we web.

I'm still a big fan of a flat tax.

I'm still laughing that people think the only way they can take better 
care of their kids is through an act of congress.


On 1/23/2015 3:29 AM, Ken Meltsner wrote:
> There is a mechanism that (effectively) deducts child care costs from
> your earned income -- the flexible spending account. Not a direct way
> to do this and it requires that at least one parent work for a
> business large enough to administer the FSA.
> It's been more than a decade since we could use this, but IIRC the
> deduction was limited by the earnings of both parents as well as a
> yearly cap.  That is, the plan would be funded by regular deductions
> from one spouse's salary, and that amount would not be counted as
> income if it did not exceed the other spouse's earnings.  A single
> parens, I believe, had the "advantage" that his/her deduction was
> based on his/her own salary.
> Ken Meltsner

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