[FoRK] New Benefits of Marriage Study Actually Hints at the Horrors of Middle Age

Gregory Alan Bolcer greg at bolcer.org
Fri Jan 23 08:36:04 PST 2015

If I truly cared about other's people's children, which I do, then I 
would teach them personal responsibility, problem solving, a strong work 
ethic, and personal entrepreneurship instead of teaching them to rely on 
free stuff at the whim of others.

Luckily we live in a society, even at the lowest rungs of the economic 
scale, that has extremely high economic mobility.

That's called teaching people to fish.


On 1/23/2015 8:30 AM, Stephen D. Williams wrote:
> Whether that is a problem that you think needs addressed depends on
> whether you think the world is strictly competitive, whether you feel
> indirectly enriched or diminished by it, and similar philosophical
> motivations.  We'll take it as a given that you care for your own
> children and family.  Do you care about other people's children and
> people in general as an extended family?  Do you feel any responsibility
> to them?  Even if we have a lot of resources, we may feel helpless or
> expect waste in trying to help, or feel that other pursuits may have
> better society payback.  But we should consider it.  And, sometimes, the
> right small pushes can make a huge difference.  Sometimes it is just the
> right ideas in the right places that make a difference.

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