[FoRK] Quarters needed for Apple to put Microsoft out of our misery?

Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Thu Jan 29 23:06:00 PST 2015

It is "put MIcrosoft out of our (i.e. users / customers) misery".  I know people who worked at Microsoft who were miserable for one 
reason or another (and others who seemed fine with it), but that's besides the point.

Please see my other response.  Plus, there are a number of other ways a company like Apple could benefit, after a year of 
transition, probably quite a bit more than Microsoft does with the same assets.

The point of my article is that it appears that Apple _could_ buy Microsoft now or soon if it desired.  That's interesting.  Even if 
they did see a possible path, it's not the kind of thing that, historically, they would do.


On 1/29/15 5:37 PM, Mark Day wrote:
> Even if I accept all the rest of your arguments, I'm not sure why you think Apple should have an interest in putting us out of our misery. I don't see that any of your arguments involve any benefit for Apple as a company or for Apple shareholders. I think an Apple board that pursued your line of reasoning would get sued for breach of fiduciary duty.
> --Mark
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> How many more quarters like this last one would it take for Apple to comfortably buy Microsoft? Not many it seems. I give it 4–6 to
> be comfortable.

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