[FoRK] Quarters needed for Apple to put Microsoft out of our misery?

Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Fri Jan 30 09:31:09 PST 2015

I can see how you would feel that way. Apple's probably not the ideal purchaser, just the first that theoretically could.  If they 
did however, they'd do better.  For all of their faults, and there are some significant ones, they would never allow their users to 
wallow in misery.  Unlike my perception of Microsoft, they optimize for user experience in front of profit.

In key ways, alternative approaches are vastly better in practical and technical ways.  In the past, the overall market position 
supported Microsoft in spite of this.  That seems to be dissipating at an increasing rate now.  I'm puzzled that the mismatch in 
perceptions remains so wide.  As one simple measure, how many hours did you or someone on your behalf spend in the last year doing 
any type of system maintenance (installs, upgrades, cleanup, backup/restore) for your work, home, and family Windows machines, apps, 

For the vast majority of end-users, non-technical families with kids just trying to use web sites and a few games, Windows totally 
sucks.  Just simply running for a few months without constantly becoming infected with adware that makes the system unusable is 
beyond the capability of most.  As is reinstalling, saving data, etc.  Some computers have a restore function, which helps 
tremendously, but this is patchy and difficult to move to a new hard drive, etc.

As limited as ChromeOS seemed to be, most of us were relieved to be able to point to something with zero maintenance. 7 years ago, 
frustrated trying to keep a neighbor's Windows computer running, I just installed Linux.  The teenage daughter, who had never heard 
of Linux, has been using that computer for years with no additional support or maintenance and was quite happy with it. Meanwhile, I 
had to spend 4+ hours trying to help her brother with their XBox which borked due to an incomplete update download.

For developers who have been thoroughly exposed to a wide range of environments (i.e. they know Linux et al), it sucks.  The 
rationale for running Windows on the Internet for services must be strained now.  I suspect it amounts to: Because that's what 
developers have on their desktop and what they know.

For corporations and governments who pay inordinate amounts to obtain and maintain Windows desktops and servers, it sucks.

Currently, there are a few shiny spots if a sea of crap.  People are used to it, often don't know anything else, or just assume that 
screwing around with this stuff is what they are getting paid for.

I've been using Microsoft products since 1982.  They have always sucked in the sense that they could have been better at least.  In 
1982, it was bugs in MBasic that I hit writing just a few significant programs.


On 1/30/15 6:55 AM, Bill Kearney wrote:
> You're under the false notion that such a thing would be welcome.  It would not.
> MS may not make the products that you find appealing, but they have a MUCH better history of actually responding to customer 
> requirements than Apple (or Google).
> I'll trade their wide range of well supported solutions over Apple's arbitrary feature-elimination and lack of transparency any day.
> It would be a profoundly bad thing for the market to have them 'merge'.
> -Bill Kearney
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> How many more quarters like this last one would it take for Apple to comfortably buy Microsoft? 

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