[FoRK] Quarters needed for Apple to put Microsoft out of our misery?

Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Fri Jan 30 15:21:38 PST 2015

On 1/30/15 3:02 PM, J. Andrew Rogers wrote:
>> On Jan 30, 2015, at 1:25 PM, Stephen D. Williams <sdw at lig.net> wrote:
>> That's mostly fair, although there's little reason for most apps to be anything other than browser / Linux server based web apps.
> There is your disconnect in one sentence. You just described the thin client. All the interesting, important, and valuable stuff is happening in other parts of a vast back-end computing stack that you are ignoring.
> That aside, one reason to not use browsers for apps is that they offer terrible user app experience for almost everything.

The "Browser" is evolving rapidly.  WegGL-based Oculus Rift experiences running in Firefox and sensing with a Leap or other 3D 
cameras, for instance, are just the start.

That's a very narrow view.  There are plenty of interesting things that will happen on the client also, often within millimeters of 
sensors with constant streams of gigabytes of data for a few milliwatts.  Machine vision, for instance.  Computing and slinging 
polygons for another.  Mobile devices are actually ahead of desktops there in some key ways.  The typical experience is likely to be 
multi-device, multi-screen almost right away.

>> For servers, there's little competition for Linux.  For the desktop, where a lot of constant pain happens, containers would be one way for Windows to harden enough to be acceptable.  It is such a messy situation that may not happen.
> I haven’t used a Windows desktop since circa 2002. My desktops work just fine.

Plenty do and it is the basis for most solid operating system and office suite income.

>> C++ is the common core language.
> Wait, are we talking about client environments or server environments? You keep jumping around.

C++ is key in both in some sense, although seemingly secondary in both also.

>> Such as?  What might I consider integrating into a modern, scalable, efficient web app framework for both local and public cloud use?
> Web frameworks? Welcome to the future.
> Most of the value of the cloud for enterprises going forward is that applications running there have direct access to extremely large, dynamic data models and analytics of which you can ask simple ad hoc questions without knowing anything about the scale, velocity, or topology of those systems. It is seamless and magical as far as the developer is concerned.

And generally able to be substituted by an alternate implementation it seems.  Not all applications need those particular kinds of 
analytics.  Many that do can outsource it.  How broadly do you think those types of systems are used and should / will be used?

> The thin client is the most unimportant part of the environment. It could be any kind of client app. All the real work is happening deep in the cloud in places humans do not and cannot look.

For some apps.


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