[FoRK] A Thrive/Survive Theory Of The Political Spectrum

Reese howell.r at inkworkswell.com
Sun Feb 22 11:32:18 PST 2015

At 11:35 AM 2/22/2015, Bill Kearney wrote:
>>the largest personal liberty issue in our nation
>Somehow I fail to get all worked up about the "liberty" to fail to 
>practice effective birth control and have the option to kill the result.
>I favor choice, but please, don't go dressing it up as anything 
>other than murdering due (by great margins) to failure.  Sure, 
>there's plenty of edge cases, which bear their own focus and need for change.

If you favor choice, why are you cavilling? If you really favor choice,
your default position is to demur and withhold judgement on the reasons
others might choose. But that isn't what you are doing here, is it?

Tell me more about these "edge cases" you speak of. Are there any, in
your view? What are they and in what quantity.


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