[FoRK] Tiny hardware keeps getting cheaper and more capable.

Ken Meltsner meltsner at alum.mit.edu
Sat Mar 28 14:20:14 PDT 2015

Tessel 2: node.js/io.js on a tiny single board computer -- wifi,
ethernet, USB ports, etc., all for a pre-production price of $35 per
module.  Tessel 1 started at $95/ea and now costs $75/ea.

I mean, I was impressed enough with Arduino to buy one to play with,
and Raspberry Pi is pretty amazing, but the ability to run a real
node.js server on a controller/SBC is appealing to someone who doesn't
want to hack hardware or the sort of languages that hardware is often
hacked in.


Also interesting: the ability to order versions optimized for
prototype and production applications.

Ken Meltsner

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