[FoRK] The Great Prohibition - Title IX craziness

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Which, perhaps, reads more like you haven't had a date in over a decade... 

In a school or work environment there's a lot to be said for avoiding the 
complications of relationships with those outside your peer group. 
Teacher/student, boss/employee, etc.  Those situations in which you're 
paying to attend, or being paid to work, aren't dating situations.  Though 
plenty will try to argue or present all kinds of anecdotal exceptions 
otherwise.  For the most part the prohibitions have merit.

The situation presented, however, seems the classic result of people putting 
their heads so far up their own asses that when they see daylight they think 
it's progress.  Perhaps this, like the Rolling Stone article, will serve to 
get people second-guessing their overly paranoid perspectives.

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> I'm 50 and haven't dated a woman over 30 in 10 years.

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