[FoRK] The collapse of the .net ecosystem

Ken Meltsner meltsner at alum.mit.edu
Sat Jun 20 16:15:54 PDT 2015

Two big challenges/opportunities right now for the .Net/Windows
hegemony: containerization and cross-platform mobile.  Otherwise, I
suspect most mid-range programmers would just as soon use Java on top
of Windows or Linux.

In the corporate world, Windows still reigns.   The license
difficulties with creating Windows appliances via virtualization are a
serious pain (read "nearly complete barrier"), but if Dockerized
Windows actually works, it could keep Windows alive in corporations.
Otherwise, I think the containerization story is just too strong for
Windows to compete for much longer.  Right now, my former employer had
to recommend that customers spin up 3 complete environments for
development, test, and production when deploying complex applications.
Containerization reduces the overhead (duplicated files) associated
with virtualization, as well as simplifying promotion between

In terms of mobile, Tamarin (C#-based) has gained some traction; my
general feeling is that cross-platform for mobile is likely to be
inferior to the platform-specific tools, but there is a huge demand
for mediocre applications in the corporate world.

Ken Meltsner

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