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Posted by: Soulskill, on 2015-06-24 06:13:00
    [1]ranton writes: I am about to start a personal project which I
   believe should be done in C/C++. The main reasons I have for this are
   the needs to manage memory usage and disk access at a very granular
   level and a desire to be cross-platform. Performance is also important
   but I am unlikely to spend enough time optimizing to be much faster
   than core libraries of higher level languages.
   On the other hand, network access is also a critical part of the
   project and I am worried about the effort it takes to make cross
   platform code for both network and disk access. I have been working in
   the Java / C# world for the past decade and things like TCP/IP and SSL
   have just been done for me by core libraries. Do libraries like Boost
   or Asio do a good job of abstracting these aspects away? Or are there
   other options for doing granular memory and disk management with more
   high level languages that have better cross-platform library support? I
   am willing to brush up on my C/C++ skills if necessary but want to
   spend as much time as possible developing the unique and potentially
   innovative parts of my project. Thanks for any advice you can provide.


   1. http://slashdot.org/~ranton


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