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I didn't answer the question; I provided a more nuanced set of choices and reasons for choosing them.  Teach the person to think...

C++ and Qt is cross-platform, high function
by sdw (6809) <sdw@@@lig...net> on 2015-06-24 11:03 (#49979249) Homepage

My preferred general purpose C++ solution would be to use Qt when possible. It already has virtually everything you would use in an 
operating system with baseline networking, GUI, etc. already wrapped for cross-platform use in a clean, powerful way.

If you are writing a utility or a service, there are other choices. If you think you need the widest range of features, you might 
need a native GUI, GPU access, etc., Qt is the only real choice.

Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, Node with C++ modules provides a nice base. It is even used as the basis for desktop 
apps with web-based GUIs (see Atom editor https://atom.io/ [atom.io] .) You get Javascript scripting, full web server capability, 
WebSockets for bidirectional communication, etc. Nginx is another possibility for something like that.

You could use Java or C# for portable-ish apps. In some ways, Qt seems even more portable now, especially for GUI and OS-specific 
features. Java and C# also don't make for great UI without a lot of work, and then it tends to be sluggish. For UIs, you want either 
a modern web UI, or a well-designed Qt UI. Interestingly, Qt includes a modern web capability embedded. Even the native Qt GUI is 
styled using CSS.

For a pure server app, Java, Node (Javascript), Python (according to many), and C++ are good. PHP, because Facebook has improved it, 
may be OK. Perl, Ruby/Rails, Drupal, WordPress, etc. all seem to be fading for app framework use because of developments in 
Javascript libraries. WebComponents / Polymer SPAs are very interesting.


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> Posted by: Soulskill, on 2015-06-24 06:13:00
>      [1]ranton writes: I am about to start a personal project which I
>     believe should be done in C/C++. The main reasons I have for this are
>     the needs to manage memory usage and disk access at a very granular
>     level and a desire to be cross-platform. Performance is also important
>     but I am unlikely to spend enough time optimizing to be much faster
>     than core libraries of higher level languages.
>     On the other hand, network access is also a critical part of the
>     project and I am worried about the effort it takes to make cross
>     platform code for both network and disk access. I have been working in
>     the Java / C# world for the past decade and things like TCP/IP and SSL
>     have just been done for me by core libraries. Do libraries like Boost
>     or Asio do a good job of abstracting these aspects away? Or are there
>     other options for doing granular memory and disk management with more
>     high level languages that have better cross-platform library support? I
>     am willing to brush up on my C/C++ skills if necessary but want to
>     spend as much time as possible developing the unique and potentially
>     innovative parts of my project. Thanks for any advice you can provide.
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