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Gregory Alan Bolcer greg at bolcer.org
Sat Aug 22 08:18:14 PDT 2015

Yes, but will it support IEEE 802.11ac beamforming? Of course it will, 
if the hardware supports it as it's managed by Google and not you. 
They're basically taking over the data air space in your house (similar 
to how Samsung TVs took over the voice air space in your living room).

I don't think I need someone else upgrading and tuning my wifi for me. 
Given my experience with my wireless Nest devices, definitely not Google 



Google this week introduced its first Wi-Fi router and my initial 
reaction was "Why?" Wi-Fi access points and home routers tend to be 
low-margin commodity products that could only hurt financial results for 
the search giant. What made it worth the pain on Wall Street, then, for 
Google to introduce this gizmo? And then I realized it is Google’s best 
hope to save the Internet… and itself.

Wi-Fi is everywhere and it generally sucks. Wi-Fi has become the go-to 
method of networking homes and even businesses. I remember product 
introductions in New York back in the 80s and 90s when we were told over 
and over again that it cost $100 per foot to pull Ethernet cable in 
Manhattan (a price that was always blamed on the local electricians 
union by-the-way). Well the lesson must have stuck, because more and 
more Ethernet is for data centers and Wi-Fi is for everything else. Even 
my old friend, Ethernet inventor Bob Metcalfe, has started claiming that 
Wi-Fi is Ethernet, which it isn’t and he knows that.

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