[FoRK] FoRK Digest, Vol 144, Issue 9

Dave Long dave.long at bluewin.ch
Sun Oct 25 00:57:29 PDT 2015

> We need a term in the spirit of "Digital Amish" methinks.

Except the Amish are a definite minority?

A rambling anecdote:

an old cow-orker[0] came to visit us at our barn.  He was showing me  
the route maps on his phone, and I suggested that if he had hardcopy,  
he might be able to conserve batteries, which he thought was a good  
idea.  So I ask the owner[1] if he minds if we use the printer, head  
for the office, and we start the ritual of setting the printer up on  
my phone's WiFi network, downloading the drivers onto my friend's  
phone, etc. etc.

It was somewhat nice to relive the old technical times when we were  
office[2] mates, but the punchline was:

the other barn owner[3] arrives to find us scratching our heads after  
having printed a couple of blank pages, each white sheet having been  
in a different file format.  She immediately tells us "oh, by the  
way, the printer's been out of ink for weeks now"


[0] en route to the Haute Route from Chamonix to Zermatt
[1] who himself was taking notes on a young horse with pen and paper
[2] am I showing my age?
[3] who apparently is the only person who might want to print invoices?

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