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I've been able to survive the past 30 years without a printer.  It's 
been extremely tough a couple of times, but it's my own little quixotica.


On 10/25/2015 12:57 AM, Dave Long wrote:
>> We need a term in the spirit of "Digital Amish" methinks.
> Except the Amish are a definite minority?
> A rambling anecdote:
> an old cow-orker[0] came to visit us at our barn.  He was showing me the
> route maps on his phone, and I suggested that if he had hardcopy, he
> might be able to conserve batteries, which he thought was a good idea.
> So I ask the owner[1] if he minds if we use the printer, head for the
> office, and we start the ritual of setting the printer up on my phone's
> WiFi network, downloading the drivers onto my friend's phone, etc. etc.
> It was somewhat nice to relive the old technical times when we were
> office[2] mates, but the punchline was:
> the other barn owner[3] arrives to find us scratching our heads after
> having printed a couple of blank pages, each white sheet having been in
> a different file format.  She immediately tells us "oh, by the way, the
> printer's been out of ink for weeks now"
> -Dave
> [0] en route to the Haute Route from Chamonix to Zermatt
> [1] who himself was taking notes on a young horse with pen and paper
> [2] am I showing my age?
> [3] who apparently is the only person who might want to print invoices?
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