[FoRK] The Most Important Article You'll Read Today About The Democratic Party.

Robert Thau rst at ai.mit.edu
Sat Dec 19 06:23:56 PST 2015

dan at geer.org writes:
 > No matter who gets elected, in 2017 Obamacare will require major
 > mods.  Exchanges are losing money because Obamacare is yet another
 > a redistribution scheme -- this time from the healthy, especially
 > the young healthy, to the unhealthy, and the healthy, especially
 > the young healthy, aren't signing up in anything like the required
 > numbers.  

Source?  FWIW, at least the first article I found on financial troubles
at the exchanges, here:


puts them down to "balky technology and expensive customer call
centers", not the demographics.  

Also, *any* health insurance system, public or private, no matter who
runs it or how, is necessarily a transfer scheme from the healthy to
the sick -- that's what health insurance *is*.  And while rising per
capita healthcare costs are a problem pretty much everywhere[1],
European countries with a more active role for government in
healthcare funding, including universal coverage requirements, are
still getting better results for vastly less money than the
still-mostly-private system in the US, as they have for decades...

[1] Causes for that which apply mostly everywhere are shifting
    demographics in industrialized countries (the population's just
    getting older), but also a proliferation of new and expensive
    treatments.  Which is another rant entirely...
Robert Thau

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