[FoRK] geopolitics of low oil prices

Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Tue Jan 12 18:50:28 PST 2016

If I'm not in on the joke, then you're on your own.  Especially if you forget to remind me it's April 1.

Who would you make fun of if I weren't there?  It's my job and I take it seriously.  It's the only thing I'm really good at.


On 1/12/16 4:29 PM, Joseph S. Barrera III wrote:
> Absolutely. If he blows it again this year, I'm going to kick him off our
> super-secret private list.
> On Tue, Jan 12, 2016 at 4:23 PM, Gregory Alan Bolcer <greg at bolcer.org>
> wrote:
>> But we'd have to make sure Stephen doesn't ruin it by posting it to FoRK.
>> Greg
>> On Tue, Jan 12, 2016 at 3:18 PM, Joseph S. Barrera III <joe at barrera.org>
>> wrote:
>>> That is so Greg :-)
>>> Keeping it simple: surgery available to allow your spine to glow during
>>> orgasm a al Battlestar Galactica.
>> http://scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/24838/why-does-cylon-number-6s-back-glow-in-episode-1
>>> Possible addition: hack to allow the spine to glow NOT during orgasm.
>>> Hi-tech faking it.
>> http://thoughtcatalog.com/tatiana-perez/2015/07/if-shes-faking-it-ill-know-and-6-other-outrageous-myths-about-female-orgasms-men-need-to-stop-believing/
>>> On Tue, Jan 12, 2016 at 3:11 PM, Gregory Alan Bolcer <greg at bolcer.org>
>>> wrote:
>>>> You just gave me  a great idea for FoRK's April Fool's post.  Some
>>> inventor
>>>> invented a genome where if you are close to your significant other,
>> your
>>>> heart glows, but unfortunately, they broke up because he was working
>> too
>>>> much, so now he's really pissed off he's got this stupid glowing
>>> jellyfish
>>>> shit in his chest.  Every time they go to court, the female judge
>> thinks
>>>> it's so cute and grants his ex permission to do anything, so he ends up
>>>> mansplaining it to her which upsets her ruling.
>>>> Greg
>>>> On Tue, Jan 12, 2016 at 3:04 PM, Stephen D. Williams <sdw at lig.net>
>>> wrote:
>>>>> On 1/12/16 2:18 PM, Joseph S. Barrera III wrote:
>>>>>> On Tue, Jan 12, 2016 at 1:58 PM, Stephen D. Williams <sdw at lig.net>
>>>> wrote:
>>>>>> We're going to be living in magical worlds
>>>>>> ​"We", but not us.
>>>>> Many of us are within a few miles of the epicenters of magical
>> devices,
>>>>> self-driving cars, voice recognition, image and object recognition,
>>>> concept
>>>>> encyclopedias being coupled to deep learning, and all the money
>> anyone
>>>>> would need to make it all happen...
>>>>> We're close to a time when a summer of code project could edit a
>> genome
>>>> to
>>>>> create a new animal or store data or make an enhancement using CRISPR
>>> for
>>>>> $100.  Send a message to all of your progeny by editing in a
>> GenomeCode
>>>> in
>>>>> part of your unused DNA!  Show stripes on your skin whenever you are
>> on
>>>> an
>>>>> odd milli-lay line (requires the GenomePS module and service).
>> Create
>>>>> glowing saliva, but only when you kiss your betrothed!  What will you
>>>> think
>>>>> of?  (For your safety, all DNA sequences reset at the end of the
>>>> project.)
>>>>> The magic is out there.  It's just not yet evenly distributed.
>>>>> Of course, as always, one cycle's magic is the next cycle's ho hum
>>>>> standard engineering techniques.  Like AI (AGI really), it's only
>> magic
>>>>> when we don't know how to do it yet.
>>>>> sdw

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