[FoRK] New Divide in American Death

Dave Long dave.long at bluewin.ch
Fri Apr 15 03:05:34 PDT 2016

> By the way, I live in a rural area by choice.

As do I; the magazine currently in my laptop bag has an ad for Claas  
tractors on the back cover.

> ... I mostly agree, other than the blanket statement "The savvy  
> truly do move away as soon as they can" which I believe is false  
> considering I have highly regarded scientists as neighbors.

A/ That's why I attempted to specify "rural working class"; I believe  
in SDW's thesis the "away [from there]" was meant to refer not as a  
blanket statement to "rural US" but to the "large swaths ...  
where ... dangerous pursuits are extremely popular".  Similarly, the  
original article points out that the opposite trend occurs in areas  
with thriving economies.  (which is why I had thought of something  
CCC-like: my bet is it's actually cheaper in the short run to give  
people jobs which normally don't pay off until the long run, compared  
with the alternative costs of attempting to do domestic nation  
building in order to fix things after they've been broken for a good  

B/ When your neighbors are highly regarded scientists, by definition  
they (and by extension, due to the nature of geographical segregation  
in the US, you) are not working class.


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