[FoRK] New Divide in American Death

Marty Halvorson marty at halvorson.us
Fri Apr 15 20:35:29 PDT 2016

Dave Long:
"When your neighbors are highly regarded scientists, by definition they 
(and by extension, due to the nature of geographical segregation in the 
US, you) are not working class."

Let's see.  My next door neighbor is a welder.  Many of my other 
neighbors are working class, or (like me) retired, or professionals, 
and, of course, the scientists.  I know of at least one scientist who 
lives within 100 feet of a welfare queen, both in my neighborhood.

Stephen Williams:
"Other than some back streets in Auburn with horses or wine grapes, I 
don't think I've seen real rural living in California yet."

My sister lives in California on 7 square miles of ranch land (about 
half-way between Mount Shasta and Oregon).  Her closest neighbor is 3 
miles away.  Her address is: <name of ranch>, Harry cash road, <name of 
town>, CA.  I would call that rural living.

"Being fearful that you can be in an unsafe situation far from any 
immediate help."

That's what firearms are for.

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