[FoRK] Thanks, Jimmy Carter, for Stating What Should Be Obvious: Trump’s Campaign Is Racist | The Nation

Tom Higgins tomhiggins at gmail.com
Fri Jun 3 12:17:28 PDT 2016

K*3 not a real thing? Drive thru Idaho, see the summer kamps for the
kkkids. Former Grand Wizards in your local legislature,  Louisiana is where
you need to be. Are they as popular as they once were? Not in active
members on the books. Like Nazis and FlatEarthers you do not meet them
walking down the street each day.

"*“The name Ku Klux Klan is public domain,” said **Pendergraft**, the
Knights’ national organizer. “There are people out there that use the name
that act very **un**-Christian, very derogatory. So we wanted to do what we
can to separate ourselves, not from people in the movement, but to brand

Branding, lifestyle choices, marketing. Oh you betcha.

As with many mainstreamed memes and fringes, the underlying issues of race
are imbedded deep in our infrastructure,  more so on local rather than
national levels.
Police departments, school boards, state policy makers.....the news pops
with them often enough to still raise national attention.

But you asked for personal meetings. Yes, two folks that I know of where it
was front and center stated and more than a few folks without it being
raised overtly.  As for folks sympathetic? In my travels around the country
oh boy you would be surprised at some of the dinner conversations that went
pear shaped over the issues.

Red herring? More like Hot Pockets. Blech.


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