[FoRK] Thanks, Jimmy Carter, for Stating What Should Be Obvious: Trump’s Campaign Is Racist | The Nation

Gregory Alan Bolcer greg at bolcer.org
Fri Jun 3 12:47:45 PDT 2016

Okay, so there's some hot pockets stuck in Idaho.  The top news item 
that I googled says something about looking back at things that happened 
in 1971.

So, there's kooks in the world.

What does that have to do with policy?  More importantly, in a milieu 
where if one mentions that health insurance policy budget numbers don't 
add up you're labeled a racist?

I don't see them as the same.


On 6/3/2016 12:17 PM, Tom Higgins wrote:
> But you asked for personal meetings. Yes, two folks that I know of where it
> was front and center stated and more than a few folks without it being
> raised overtly.  As for folks sympathetic? In my travels around the country
> oh boy you would be surprised at some of the dinner conversations that went
> pear shaped over the issues.
> Red herring? More like Hot Pockets. Blech.
> -tom
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