[FoRK] Fork Posting Data, a few quick views

Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Mon Jun 6 10:28:39 PDT 2016


A surprising number of messages.


On 6/4/16 12:50 AM, Tom Higgins wrote:
> For those so inclined... I scrapped up the data from 5/2002 till present
> day, cleaned it up a bit, got rid everything after the @ in  email
> addresses and then spun the data around some pivot
> Count of Posts by User by Year Sorted by both Count of Posts and User
> Count of Posts by Year by Month
> and a purty chart.
> Done up in LibreOffice Calc so if it harfs your viewer of choice. sorry.
> http://tomwsmf.com/fork/ForkPosts2001to2016.ods
> -tom(data, it does a body gooder)higgins

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