[FoRK] FoRK Digest, Vol 152, Issue 6

Dave Long dave.long at bluewin.ch
Wed Jun 8 12:37:43 PDT 2016

> It has always seemed to me that Ali not being in Game Of Death was a
> massive oversight. It would have been an amazing section that fit  
> with the
> theme.

Abdul-Jabbar was a student of Lee's for about 4 years; I doubt Ali  
had ever studied with him.

There was some TV show Lee had done with Coburn (again a student);  
the excerpt I found on YT was surprisingly exposition-heavy*.

Is the moral is that it's possible to get a talking-heads lecture  
show on mainstream US media, as long as the underlying argument is  
disguised with a healthy veneer of violence?


* Lee was as electic as he claimed; I've noticed stuff his posthumous  
publishers have ascribed to him that he probably had written into his  
notebooks from reading Aldo Nadi.

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