[FoRK] DC Livin'

Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Wed Oct 26 01:39:02 PDT 2016

If I were to go back to the DC area, I'd try to live downtown, even if I had a tiny place.  I commuted a substantial fraction of a
million miles in the DC area; I'm over it.

Metro Runs to Reston now, so that opens up another segment that is relatively commute friendly.  I finally sold my relatively large
house in Ashburn earlier this year, which is just past Reston.  It was mostly great there for raising children, but no fun trying to
get to DC for work, skating, or whatever.


On 10/25/16 2:29 PM, Aaron Burt wrote:
> <delurk>
> I recall that a few FoRKers have done the Beltway Thing.  I'm about to do a one year stint at the US Digital Service, and am
> wondering if there's any tips for a temporary bachelor.
> I'll be showing up with a (cheap) suit and some clothes, staying at a pricy furnished studio for a month or so, and hunting for a
> cheap apt. from there.  Probably fly home to Oregon about monthly.  As an engineer, I love "cheap" but as a middle-aged dude, I'm
> willing to spend a little on upgrades.
> For transportation, I expect to rely on Metro and the occasional rental.
> Although I've heard that DC does not actually do "cheap."
> Regards,
>   Aaron Burt (a very, very distant Friend)

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