[FoRK] Zombie Appleseed

Lucas Gonze lucas.gonze at gmail.com
Thu Oct 27 15:50:36 PDT 2016


a human corpse could almost be viewed “as a sort of starter-pack of
chemistry to bootstrap the [genesis] of new life,” he says. “But you'd need
to consider a few factors.”

“First, how many corpses would you actually need to get onto a planet to
make sure you statistically have enough organics to get things moving?” he
asks. “Imagine a huge planet with an ocean, if you have just a single
corpse that gets dissolved in a second or two and that chemistry gets
spread very, very thinly. Well, it's very difficult to imagine that corpse
might help the process along,” he says. Better, Cronin argues, would be
multiple corpses. Perhaps something like an entire, doomed crew. One which
somehow managed to land somewhere like a shallow pool where when corpses'
would be ejected, the chemistry could stay together.

But it is possible. “And who knows,” says Cronin, who muses that
“hypothetically speaking, it's not impossible to imagine that life on Earth
could have started through a similar process.”

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