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On 10/27/2016 3:50 PM, Lucas Gonze wrote:
> http://www.astronomy.com/news/2016/10/could-an-astronauts-corpse-bring-new-life-to-another-world
> a human corpse could almost be viewed “as a sort of starter-pack of
> chemistry to bootstrap the [genesis] of new life,” he says. “But you'd need
> to consider a few factors.”
> “First, how many corpses would you actually need to get onto a planet to
> make sure you statistically have enough organics to get things moving?” he
> asks. “Imagine a huge planet with an ocean, if you have just a single
> corpse that gets dissolved in a second or two and that chemistry gets
> spread very, very thinly. Well, it's very difficult to imagine that corpse
> might help the process along,” he says. Better, Cronin argues, would be
> multiple corpses. Perhaps something like an entire, doomed crew. One which
> somehow managed to land somewhere like a shallow pool where when corpses'
> would be ejected, the chemistry could stay together.
> But it is possible. “And who knows,” says Cronin, who muses that
> “hypothetically speaking, it's not impossible to imagine that life on Earth
> could have started through a similar process.”
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