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Gregory Alan Bolcer greg at bolcer.org
Fri Jan 20 07:39:25 PST 2017

3d tv is dead:

Specifically in my case where our Vuzix piece of crap with 3d glasses 
didn't survive a couple weeks with a black band across it before giving 
up the ghost permanently.  I got a chance to interact with Vuzix 
customer support.  They must get a lot of hostile complaints as they 
have perfected the non-answer to a T.  I only used the 3d feature once.

I found a really cheap Samsung 4k that is pretty amazing, but apparently 
Amazon Prime and Vudu have a dearth of 4k movies that you can stream. 
One of the movies is Lucy.  If you haven't seen it, it's a fun movie, 
but all corn syrup, no nutritious value.

The difference between a mid-level cheap LED model and a slightly 
upgraded mid-level cheap model is about $50.  The difference between a 
slightly upgraded mid-level cheap model and a low end OLED 4k tv is 
about $1500 to $3500.

So here's my stupid question of the day, given we're about to go into 
Superbowl TV sales season--which seems to happen every year like 
clockwork--why don't people sell TV subscriptions? The whole delivery 
and hookup issues have long gone by the wayside.

Why not have tiered TV subscriptions for different levels of tvs? 
Someone should start a company to do that.  Sort of a secondary market, 
TV arbitrage, tvshaveclub type thing.

Why hasn't anyone done this before?


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