[FoRK] Let's Talk About The Weather

Bill Kearney wkearney99 at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 20 13:30:10 PST 2017

Well, 'bolt from the blue' pretty much means get the hell indoors if there's 
lightning.  But, yeah, kids... we passed on a house some years ago.  No 
chance I wanted to be home hearing the noise of a basketball on a playground 
all hours of the day (and night due to lighting).

That and don't ever drive over a tumbleweed.  Good chance the heat from your 
exhaust will set it on fire.  Nobody wants a car-b-que backing up traffic.

That and controlled burns don't always go well...



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1. We live right next to an elementary school. Just heard a super loud
crash of thunder -- followed by the possibly even louder screams of a few
hundred school kids on recess.

2. Only in California: couple days ago, was driving home in pouring rain on
Interstate 680. Traffic slows... why? Because there are *tumbleweeds* 
across the freeway. In the pouring rain.
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