[FoRK] Windows Whoops Jeb (Dalvik to Java and MIPS to C) Disassembler at pnfsoftware

Steve Nordquist saigua at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jul 27 19:59:26 PDT 2017

So like ha! treatable diseases (glossed! every 10 release notes!)
what else is new? There's still (surely not, but then SMB 1.x;) a
checkbox in Authentic Winnie Golden Ultimate #000000 Professional to
validate every binary on unload, against its source on disc, like it's
exactly Core 3 Intel Laptop NX time, and it gets checked to poor result
on processors after that (deprecating the 1-cycle ___ checksum, or
indeed logging the hook result?)

I thought Jeb sounded like a proceeding here or side-effect.

On Wed, 12 Jul 2017 08:54:40 -0700
Gregory Alan Bolcer <greg at bolcer.org> wrote:

> I laughed at this article.  I have had a couple razer mice over the 
> years. Vmware screws w/ the settings.  Windows always changes the 
> "increase resolution" setting or whatever it's called.  The Razer 
> drivers constantly seize up if you aren't properly configured on a
> usb3 versus other ports.  Razer even told me my mouse pad was dirty
> once instead of acknowledging their crappy drivers.
Ya got the metadirt all in there, I can see it all in this troffXML
> That said, once everything is loaded and privacy configured, using 
> Bash/Ubuntu terminal on a Win10 machine is awesome.  It's better than 
> OSX and better than Ubuntu by itself.
> Greg
Canned reconstituted cashew milk is better than skim. AwesomeWM
bundled or not? 
> On 7/11/2017 7:57 PM, Stephen D. Williams wrote:
> > I've observed, over and over, how badly Windows handles creating 
> > processes and, generally, running smoothly.  Apparently the problem
> > is finishing processes.  Windows 7 might not have this problem, but 
> > something(s) else makes process start slow.  I always kind of felt
> > like it was a tradition, passed down from VMS, which was painfully
> > slow starting processes.  Switching to Unix, in 1984, was
> > shockingly refreshing and magical.  Windows 7/10 vs. Linux still
> > feels that way to me.  Maybe this guy's Windows kernel debugging
> > will actually make it much better.  How could everyone, even at
> > Microsoft, just accept this problem?
> > 
> > Nice debugger though!  I'm jealous.  Not jealous enough.
[Trimming instance]

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