[FoRK] Harley & Google's battle of the sexes

Gregory Alan Bolcer greg at bolcer.org
Thu Aug 10 06:55:42 PDT 2017

Insurance company A sells motorcycle insurance. Only 14% of motorcycle 
riders are women according to the Motorcycle Industry Council which is 
far less than the 28% of women w/ computer science degrees. Does that 
make the insurance company sexist?  Do they charge the same for both? 
Why aren't they doing more to encourage more women to ride motorcycles? 
Should the government step in and force them to discount their insurance 
to women motorcycle riders? (Yes, Harley is Rob from his fbook post, not 

There are groups that are trying to prove systemic racism and 
institutional racism.  I'm sure systemic sexism and institutional sexism 
are next.   Basically the institutional part means that anywhere you 
find a numeric discrepancy over a large enough sample set, and here's 
where it gets iffy, that it must be the cause of institutional -isms 
even if none are observed.

So do the statistics lie?


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