[FoRK] "If you do not respond (to our scammy ploy), Google will mark your business as closed."

Tom Higgins tomhiggins at gmail.com
Wed Oct 4 18:15:50 PDT 2017

Yep, I have been getting these calls from two different sets of numbers.
The pitch is always that they are from Google AND Bing and that unless I
act NOW NOW NOW my website will be delisted from both sites and maybe more.
Call US NOW.

I am not sure when this started but calls from known scammers show up on my
call screen on a RED BACKGROUND, very very handy first line way to know
when not to answer

I also do not answer any call from a number not already in my contact list.
Unless it is in the exchange of the schools the kids are in or there is
something happening at the moment those calls go to the answering system. I
route all my voicemail to GHangouts, so I get a text of the call pretty

Any scam calls get the  block

All else get a call back or I respond via text.

YMMV and yes there are times, kids out and about and when I have just sent
out more resumes, that I answer more than not.

But in the last year the ramp up of crud calls is on the rise and I do not
have the time to play performance artist on them like I love doing. There
is a podcast in that activity.....hmmm...call and we can talk about it over

-tom(oneringydingy)wsmf nee whore


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