[FoRK] Engineering rules of thumb and Amazon's HQ2 effort

Tom Higgins tomhiggins at gmail.com
Wed Oct 4 18:34:42 PDT 2017

Growing up in NYC during the 70's and 80's gave me a warped sense of HQs
and Location as Message.

McGrawHill had a sweet setup on 6th ave as well as Burlington Mills who
always seemed to have a interactive display about textiles. IBM always had
one if not two exhibits that folks could walk thru and learn about the
brave new world of computers. It was almost as if the 64 Worlds Fair was
still in the zeitgiest and bringing the public "into" your corporate world
was the way to build brand entanglements.

>From the mid 80s on it was always my thought that the idea of the office
would move out to a more distributed model, that telecommuting (a phrase
that has outlived its usefulness but still holds meaning)  or project colab
over the wires would take hold.

I remember when Steve Jackson Games tried to build a MUD based office set
up for  folks to move in and do biz in. Much hope little real adoption.
Even now that we have  AR, VR, fast connectivity and always on devices all
but grafted onto our palms we still build edifices to meatspace

If it were the case these were more accessible to the masses, as were the
70s era Worlds Fair style exhibits, I could see the use. And yes servers do
not admin themselves..yet...that metal needs a steady hand to maintain..but
the insistence on communal breakfast cereal strewn yoga ball obstacle
courses  makes me sorry for the future we could have had.

Add to all that the insufferable traffic and jacked up living costs these
things brought on past the point that a Tennis Court Oath is in order
 ...and yea so Work Smarter??? Anyone ...anyone....Bueller.

-tom(IT Kibbutz Bound)wsmf nee whore nee higgins

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