[FoRK] stupid idea of the day -- voice synthesis

Gregory Alan Bolcer greg at bolcer.org
Sat Mar 10 16:10:12 PST 2018

Someone asked what you could do w/ the new neural network models to do 
human voice synthesis.  All the answers were about fraud.

So here's my stupid idea of the day: I have voicemails from my contacts 
on my phone.  Take those voicemails and train a speech synthesis program 
to read the texts from them in their own voice.  My wife's car will read 
the texts in the stupidest computer voice ever.  Why can't they read it 
in the sender's voice?  It wouldn't be hard to do the conversion w/ 
modern open source.


greg at bolcer.org, http://bolcer.org, c: +1.714.928.5476

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