[FoRK] stupid idea of the day

Steve Nordquist saigua at sbcglobal.net
Fri May 4 20:51:40 PDT 2018

> >>> Anyone built a browser plugin lately?

Just the cherry krim tomato deconstructed Project Manager for browser
plugins...all promises.

If there are service animals (medium dogs...electric chinchillas and
fox pandas?) who can detect seizures, perhaps this kind. So the
antipattern would be to cue the dog (or Service Transgenic Raccoon)
(preempt the owner) to take post-near-miss food or medicine (or its
antisense; and spoof Volume and MUTE-varietal signals to anything with
a mixer and/or consonant MIDI IN, clarify nearby electric-shade windows,
tell display fountains it's noon, engage clipping filters, draw
Foreign Ministry Hostelry Cuban Mode, etc.)

The extension would crack back on premature seizure optimization and
perhaps coordinate with whatever the successor to 8508-model monitor
DPMI, and 'eye-sensitive' monitor features are? IR multitouch tracking
monitor build notifications RSS, anyone?

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