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Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Sat Oct 13 21:02:30 PDT 2018

I am sorry to say that Kelley Howell has lost her fight with cancer at the very young age of 56.  She was bright, interesting, 
challenging, and she seemed to handle everything gracefully.  She seemed to be as thoughtful as possible to everyone, right down to 
sharing her final playlist:


I am including a copy of this very thoughtful post that went with it:

Oct. 4 2018 1:31am:

> Hello Everyone,
> This is Rhys and Dan, posting from Kelley's account.
> We all know it's been a while since you've heard from our favorite and beloved expositor so, she asked that a post be made on her 
> behalf. To tell y'all about her superlicious final moments headphones-only playlist.
> She first called it a sort of joke, but quickly amended that to say it was a light-hearted "Here's the music I like, like it or 
> roast me" sort of thing. Or maybe it was just a "What do y'all think? Like my music or is there a dissertation in what is wrong 
> with it?" sort of thing. My memory fuzzes on nailing down particulars like that right now.
> Personally, I think that she welcomes properly-formed critiques and is willing to hear suggestions, but they may or may not be 
> acted upon depending on multiple factors too complicated to detail here.
> Her health continues its downward trajectory I'm sorry to say. We are hoping for improvement but we are not being naive about it.
> If I can issue a final message from all of us, it might be this:
> Life is short, relish the moments available to you while you can. Share with others. Love and make memories worth remembering. 
> Life is short, chaotic, and random. Despite us wishing otherwise there's no pattern or grand plan behind any of it. There's 
> nothing we can do to improve it, except to do our best to be kind to one another.
> Rhys



Under mutual connections, LinkedIn tells me: "You and Kelley both know Damien Morton".

My set of related PSAs:

Be aggressive about anything that might be cancer, especially skin, throat, and subdermal.  #NoBumpsPolicy  #WhenInDoubtCutItOut  
Except prostate, use the new injected steam minimizing thing there instead of surgery when possible.

Did you know that adults can ask for the HPV vaccine (insist with your doctor), that the FDA just "approved" it for adults, and that 
Australia believes they will be cervical cancer free soon?  They've been vaccinating everyone for a while and they state that 99.7% 
of cervical cancers are caused by HPV.  (And it is a main cause of throat cancers.)

For men, more sex leads to less cancer.

If you have chronic afib (atrial fibrillation), get cardioablation surgery.  It's a standard thing now, 1 day outpatient catheter 
surgery, doesn't cost much (on contract rates), and can permanently fix the issue, which includes heart decline and risk of stroke.

And use a CPAP if you snore (enough to have apneas at all, or that keeps anyone awake).

And, most of all, exercise a lot, primarily endurance sports: running, steep hiking, strenuous biking, inline skating, kayaking, 
bootcamp continuous weight workouts, constant dancing, or rock climbing.  If you aren't sweating and breathing really hard for 
several hours a week, you're not keeping your cardiovascular system in good shape so it will decline quickly.  And it is likely 
highly anti-cancer.

Weight is bad, but a little isn't as bad as they used to think. Past a certain age, being too thin is worse.  Cardio health is far 
more important than weight, although of course they are related to some extent.


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