[FoRK] Kelley Howell

Reese fork at reeza.com
Thu Nov 1 18:37:22 PDT 2018

At 12:02 AM 10/14/2018, Stephen D. Williams wrote:
>I am sorry to say that Kelley Howell has lost her fight with cancer 
>at the very young age of 56.

55 actually. She passed on the 12th, the sky was blue and filled with 
the fluffy white clouds she loved.

Immediate family members are taking it pretty hard, in part because 
her death probably could have been prevented with a colonoscopy at age 50.

We held a semi-private ceremony to view the sunset at her favorite 
beach (Clearwater Beach) on Tuesday the 16th, kind words were spoken 
and many tears were shed.

So get your colonoscopies, people. For Kelley.

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