[FoRK] Android, how to send non-contact calls to voicemail?

Steve Nordquist saigua at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jul 3 20:09:22 PDT 2019

> All I want is to send every call that isn't on
> my contact list to voicemail, while letting all contacts ring
> through.
> Surely there is a better solution?

In 2018 Contact's hamburger menu would set things for...only the first
250 contacts, so Android StackExchange links use of MacroDroid to script
what's wanted (the first 5 scripts are free.  One for Contacts, one
for SMS...)


An app called SelectiveSilence promises a bit of what you ask.

If you like your provider voicemail, it's probably running UCE all
off on its own and thus gullible to panning off to their app
.and. Google Voice or some voicemail app or calendar.
  If it really doesn't show up with the microfeature you mention,
aTAKEphONE free might roll it for you...urk, it's called that but
it won't look up in Play‽ Not on offer anymore! Try Drupe or DU
Caller's app (Caller ID & Call Block) then?

Calendars do this too. Sol, SwipeTimes, all for the purpose of 
integrating 5-6 Google Android senses of clocks that could by
now just use sensors to draw CNS Circadian, Liver, and Skin
clock groups signals (per particular body) and offer sorts of 

Drippler.com (Android, iOS) curates the sort of lists that
find the right website and gout of candidates when TNW, Ozy, WSJ,
etc. (see 'featured on' at https://drippler.com ) don't have it
up front.

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