From: Monty Gabrys <>

Date: Wed, 3 Apr 96 12:27:55 -0700


hey you bozos! I saw on the website that you're nuking the whole shebang.

So I decided to do a post-motorm and see what names were on the headstone.

As the person who designed your FRIGGIN LOGO, I was non-plussed to be dissed in errata. My name is Montgomery Gabrys and I've been sloppinin graphics for "youz' guyz", since I was copping free lunch privlidges at NeXTworld offices from Barrello and watching Dan Lavin hit on the the various staff people. In 1994 I supplied the designs for your button, t-shirts and of course your ID.

A small mention on your site would be "nice" since, apart from the 1 or two lunch specials, I never asked for anything from Nugi.